Review of the Fiona Fold Over Wallet by Clobird Designs

I was looking for a wallet that was quick to sew but also functional. Something simpler and less complex than the NCW by Emmaline bags. This lead me to the Fiona Fold Over Wallet. It immediately stood out to me as very stylish looking, but not over complicated in its approach.

Fold Over in progressI found the pattern easy to follow, and there is plenty of pictures. I'm not great at reading instructions, I like a lot of pictures so I had no problems completing this project.  Everything came together well, although I wasn't a fan of at the end, where you turn through a slot in the middle and then stitch a line through the middle of it to close the slot (so there is a line of stitching down the middle on the exterior also) so I changed it slightly and stitched the middle part together and then left a gap on the bottom of the wallet, which I then closed when I top stitched around the wallet.

The wallet was a quick sew, I made 4 over a period of a day (not sure how many hours as I work around 2 toddlers) and nothing too complicated so if your thinking about making a wallet and you wanted something basic and easy follow this would be a great option. 

I have been trialling it as my personal wallet and think it has sufficient storage, provided you don't carry a lot - 6 card slots and a zippered pocket for cash, although I do find that the cards occasionally fall out. 

You can purchase the pattern here.


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